Ketasco 1985 Year Group

The Lokpodzi Varsity Alumni

Brief history of Ketasco

It all started as the saying goes: "The little acorn that fell into the ground and became the mighty oak" may well be the story of Keta Secondary School.

Main entrance

From a humble beginning of twenty-two students in rented premises, it has grown into one large formidable institution of learning whose name reverberates in both national and international circles, for beyond the wildest dreams and visions of the founding fathers.

It all started on the 27th February, 1953 when some prominent personalities were commissioned to start a day institution that would serve as a catchment school for the host of elementary schools scattered all over the area of Keta. It was, therefore, on this fateful day that the school started with Mr. Nathan Quao as its founding Headmaster, in a rented house just opposite the premises of the present Electricity Company, Dzelukope, Keta in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Approval for the new school came when Mr. J.W. Abruquah was the Headmaster of the school and Mr. C. H. Chapman was the Regional Commissioner for the Volta Region and a member of the school's Board of Governors. Under pressure from the governing board, the Government decided to hand over the management of the school to the Ghana Education Trust. Before then, the then chairman of the Board, Rev. Dr. F.K. Fiawoo had remarked that, he would not accept "a meager sum for the construction of a hut" for the school when the school was voted an amount regarded by many as a mere pittance, in view of existing price levels, for the construction of the school building at the new site. After some negotiations, the Ghana Education Trust established by the Nkrumah Government took over the construction of the building. The wind of change and general excitement that greeted Ghana's attainment of the republican status in 1960 was not restricted to the streets of Accra alone. Its echoes reverberated far, even to Keta, and precisely to a site, which would later become KETA SECONDARY SCHOOL.

Junior Classroom Block

On November 4th, 1960, Mr. K.A. Gbedema, the then Minister of Finance, visited the present site and laid the foundation stone for the building of some classroom blocks. As a follow-up to that visit, the President of the Republic, the great Dr. Kwame Nkrumah himself honored the school with a visit on 21st December, 1960 during which he planted a tree which stands as a historical monument and provides a comforting shed near the present Assistant Headmaster's bungalow.

Senior Classroom Block

The initial foundation laying ceremony bore fruits just a year later when a group of students in Form Two and Four moved from the old site to the present site on 11th September 1961. The site accommodated one classroom block, an administration block, an assembly hall and a science laboratory. The rest of the students followed a year later.

Administration Block

Mr. R. E. K. Matanawui, the then Assistant Headmaster mooted the idea of establishing a hostel after having realised that a group of students, who had travelled from far-off places to the school in pursuit of the golden fleece of knowledge, had no place to lay their heads. The school was then a day school. The students sought refuge in the dining hall which was the only building partially vacant.

City Boys Dormitory

By this time, it was becoming increasingly clear that for the school to continue pursuing its educational goals and providing the needed tutelage for the diverse categories of its pupils, especially those who hailed from outside the district and the region, provision must be made for some form of residential accommodation. But this was not to be until another chapter was opened in the annals of the school's history in 1967 with the admission of the first batch of Six Form pupils comprising 28 boys and 3 girls.

Zongo Boys Dormitory

That decision brought in its wake the introduction of boarding facilities. Ever since the school has admitted both day and boarding students.



1. Mr. Nathan Quao                      1953 - 1956

2. Mr. J. W. Abruquah                  1957 - 1963

3. Mr. R. E. K. Matanawui             1963 - 1970

4. Mr. F.Y. Amuzu                        1970 - 1983

5. Mr. C. K. Mensah                      1983 - 1984

6. Mr J. A. K. Kaleku                     1984 - 1988

7. Mr. C. K. Mensah                      1988 -1990

8. Mr J.Y. Deku                             1990 - 2005

9. Mr. D. O. Gbagbo                      2005 - 2007

10. Mr. D. K. Sedanu-Kwawu          2007 - Present

Past Prefects

List of past prefects to be posted soon! Thank you.