Ketasco 1985 Year Group

The Lokpodzi Varsity Alumni


Adding Photos


  1. Who may join this site?

    Anybody who started form 1 in 1981, form 2 in 1982, form 3 in 1983, form 4 in 1984 or completed form 5 in 1985 is qualified to join.

  2. What if I attended Keta Secondary School before?

    You cannot be accepted as a member. It belongs to only those who could have or completed form five in 1985.  You can only sign our guestbook. You are not allowed to make any entries in the blog or use any facility available to members.

  3. How can my year group also get a site like this?

    Contact [email protected] for details.

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Adding Photos

  1. How many Albums Am I entitled to?

    Only one. But it can contain as many pictures as are reasonable to you. It may not contain nudity or other offensive material. When such are brought to our notice they shall be deleted immediately.

  2. How do I Add My Photos?

    1. Go to the PHOTO GALLERY section

    2. Look for and click the ADD PHOTO button.

    3. If you don't have an album, create one by entering your name in the NEW ALBUM textbox, else select your existing album

    4. Click the UPLOAD PHOTOS button.

    5. Browse for the pictures. If you locate more than one picture, click on the first one and hold the CONTROL key while clicking the rest one by one

    6. Click the OPEN button in the dialog box to start uploading.

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